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A little Pepe in our step!

Posted by Natalie Spindle on May 19, 2017 02:10 PM

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming our newest spunky intern, Toni Pepe! We are excited to start the summer with the extra help and we wanted to welcome our intern with a round of rapid-fire questions. Please enjoy this introduction to Toni as we celebrate her first full week with us here at Brunet-García.


So you're currently a student at UNF? What are you studying and what are your academic/professional goals?

I'm currently attending the University of North Florida studying graphic design. I see myself working with an advertising agency like Brunet-García as a graphic designer and then maybe owning my own agency in the more distant future.

Where are you from and what brought you to Jax?

I am originally from Palm Beach, Florida, and I moved to Jacksonville to attend UNF. I quickly learned that Jacksonville has a large art community, which quickly sparked my interest. With the Landing, Art Walk, and other great artistic spots in such close reach, I get to showcase my own work and see some great talent from local artists.  

Why intern with Brunet-García?

Brunet-García is a great agency because it strongly centers around the community and topics that help the public. This agency delivers value, innovation, and credibility to the public, myself included. Ultimately, if a campaign doesn't impact the community in a positive way they won't partake in it.

What have you started working on this week?

Despite it being my first week into my internship, I am learning a lot and have been given great tasks already. I am serving a dual purpose here, working for creative and for new business. I am working with Bianca on HPOG design right now and Leslie has shown me the ropes for proposal and contract work that I will be assisting with.

What do you most hope to gain from this internship?

Experience and knowledge. There's only so much you can learn within the walls of a University, so I look forward to learning how an advertising agency runs first hand. There are so many moving parts that allow the agency to run. I look forward to learning from all of the experienced staff and developing my skills further with their guidance!