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Diane Brunet-Garcia

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A big win in the Big Easy

Posted by Diane Brunet-Garcia on Jun 13, 2017 01:41 PM

I've been working as an "ad gal" since before many of our Brunet-García employees were born. My first agency job came in 1984, doubling as a copywriter/Girl Friday in a small, midtown Atlanta advertising agency, now defunct. We focused on B2B accounts, primarily in the apparel industry. Most of our clients were headquartered in Europe, with our Atlanta-based team handling all U.S. planning, buying, creative, and PR. Honestly, it was a blast, and the Europeans never skimped on budgets, travel or meals. In many ways, I was Peggy Olson, 20 years post-Mad Men era, though of course I didn't know her at the time.

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What our trip to Cuba taught me

Posted by Diane Brunet-Garcia on Jan 24, 2017 12:56 PM

Jorge and I traveled to Cuba for three weeks in December and January. It was a long-delayed homecoming for him and and a first for me. During that trip, I kept a diary on Facebook. Below are some selected excerpts.

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