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Posted by Natalie Spindle on Jul 7, 2017 12:09 PM

We’re fresh off another quarterly wellness challenge here at Brunet-García and feeling good. During the second quarter, staff was encouraged to participate in a game of nutrition and wellness bingo for some friendly competition. From April through June, 10 participants challenged themselves to drink the recommended daily amount of water, limit alcohol, cut out sugars, and more.

The idea behind this challenge came from our partnership with the YMCA and the many suggested corporate wellness activities they provide. Our employee wellness committee determined challenges that ranged in difficulty, but cutting caffeine was certainly a tough one for our office. To take part in bingo, staff had to complete activities to achieve a full vertical, horizontal, and cross-board line. After completing a bingo card each month, employees were entered into a raffle drawing, so more participation meant more chances to win!

IMG_0160.jpgOur first B-I-N-G-O completions! From left to right: Kate Jolley, Bruce Cooke, and Denise M. Reagan.

Our creative team took the spirit of bingo and Art Director, Cassie Deogracia designed a Brunet-García branded bingo playing card just for us. Featuring fun icons and fresh brand colors, the card brought energy to the beginning of our summer wellness program.

IMG_0147.jpgBrunet-García bingo card designed by Art Director, Cassie Deogracia.

Following our return from the 4th of July holiday, User Experience Designer/Developer Bruce Cooke was drawn as our winner! With 10 competitors entering a total of 26 completed bingo cards, the odds in the raffle drawing were tough, but Bruce received a fitting prize for the nutrition challenge, a $100 gift card for groceries.  

Bruce bingo winner-004363-edited.jpgBruce Cooke wins the second quarter wellness challenge.

Up next for our wellness program is a goal-setting challenge to help employees meet personal wellness and fitness goals. Each participant has identified a S.M.A.R.T. fitness and nutrition goal to work toward during the third quarter. Stay tuned for an update on our progress over the next several months.