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Help Yellow House grab the national spotlight

Posted by Denise M. Reagan on Feb 2, 2018 12:15 PM

Yellow House leverages the power of art plus action to create change. Now, it’s shown the power to create buzz.

Yellow House Roof Comparison

Brunet-García’s Yellow House design is one of 10 selected for HOW's 9th Annual Logo Design Awards.

You can help Yellow House win the Readers’ Choice award for identity application:

  • Go to the voting page.
  • Search for Yellow House near the end of the page.
  • Click “Vote for this project.”
  • Tell all your friends to vote!
  • Voting continues through noon Wednesday, February 7.


"Yellow House’s visual identity is the result of our alignment with Hope McMath’s initiative and our passion for creating strong visual languages,” said Creative Director/VP Eduardo Sarmiento. “It’s extremely rewarding to create work for brands and people we admire and celebrate. I really hope that our work will be as impactful as Yellow House itself.”

The Readers’ Choice logo winner receives a feature on HOWDesign.com, a free registration to HOW Design Live 2018, a trophy presented at the conference, a lunch date with a HOW Design Live speaker, and entry to the speakers’ reception.

Yellow House Collateral

"Working with the Brunet-García team was a dream collaboration,” said Hope McMath, Yellow House founder and director. “As I prepared to launch Yellow House, I was excited but also filled with trepidation. The conversations and creative brainstorming with the team at B|G not only created a strong brand, but it helped me to better define my purpose and express my aspirations for this new organization and for my community. From the graphic look to the authentic messaging, the brand for Yellow House captures the hope that art, contemporary ideas, and community building can find a new home where all are welcome to participate. The process was creative, open, and fun, and the final product is truly excellent—beautiful, smart, relevant, bold, and filled with the golden energy that I hope Yellow House will exude in the months and years to come."

Yellow House

Yellow House’s brand identity, inspired by social movement and activism design, is as big and resonant as its mission to leverage the power of art to transform communities. More than a physical space, Yellow House is a hub for collaboration among artists, writers, organizations, and communities through thought-provoking exhibitions, education, events, and dialogue. The simple icon is based on the actual slope of the Yellow House roofline. Images appear underneath, within, or around the mark, which can be drawn, painted, tagged, chalked, sprayed, printed, cut, or assembled—by anyone—giving the power of art to the community it serves.

Yellow House Teasers

“Yellow House is a ‘home’ for collaboration among artists and communities to come together and let art create conversation and change,” said Associate Creative Director Aerien Mull. “The symbolic roof/arrow icon, based on the actual slope of the Yellow House roofline, is symbolic of the organization’s ability to bring diverse groups together—and move the community forward.”

Yellow House Mark with Artworks

A logo is one of the most important aspects of any business, and most designers have spent a fair share of time creating effective, cool logo designs for clients. HOW Logo Design Competition & Awards began in 2008 and quickly erupted as a prestigious contest that recognizes great logo design. Judge Natasha Jen, partner at the world’s largest independently owned design studio, Pentagram, selected the top 10 winning logos and top 10 winning identity applications.