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How to overcome the creative struggle

Posted by Chad Villarroel on Jan 16, 2017 12:52 PM

There’s nothing better than feeling good about what you’ve created. When I emerge from the creative process victorious, the high is unparalleled. However, self-deprecation is a constant companion. I am my toughest critic, always feeling as though I could have given more. You can’t escape it. I’ve learned to embrace this fight—the war I wage with mediocrity to produce something remarkable. Working at Brunet-García, I’ve learned to rely on collaboration to provide the best possible work for clients.

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Many great ideas are lost simply from not taking them as far as they need to go. Whether I am brainstorming a tagline or a name or writing copy for a digital ad campaign, it’s essential to allow the juices to flow. No idea is a mistake, whatever comes out on the page is supposed to be there for some reason. So many times, someone on the team proposes a concept but prefaces it with, “This is dumb, but … .” Then the magic happens—the thought takes on another dimension, sends it to a new place, and sparks an idea that is “the one ”. One of our most innovative projects of 2016 started as a far-fetched idea. But through some serious brainstorming, the idea became a beautiful interactive art installation that tackled a serious social issue.


Having multiple talented minds at my disposal is so liberating. We rely on one another to push ourselves and projects as far as they can go. Strategic collaboration not only taps your colleagues’ wealth of knowledge and expertise, but invites you to dig deeper and reveal new ways they can contribute to the work. Brunet-García produces great results by overcoming the creative struggle through working together.