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It’s easy being green in 2017

Posted by Natalie Spindle on Feb 24, 2017 09:00 AM

pantone2.pngPantone Color Institute introduced the latest color of the year; Greenery 15-0343 and we’ve got something to say about it. In watching the video introduction, you find yourself wrapped in this lush and lively color. The color of the year sets out to be “a symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.” Let’s dive into the reactions of the B|G creative crew:

Cassie, Art Director

While I had a very strong feeling that Pantone’s color of the year would be a green, I was expecting it to be a darker green (almost hunter green) so I was surprised to find out that it was the opposite—a very vibrant and bright color that immediately brings the essence of Spring and Granny Smith Apples. While I don’t feel like Pantone did the best job at noticing what is currently trending in design, I think they’re on the right track in predicting a color that will start to show up in the design industry throughout the year (I hated the pink and purple/blue colors last year, but they ended up being some of the most-used colors in design for more than half of 2016. Even I grew to love them and used them predominately in a lot of my work, so I guess Pantone knows what they’re doing!)

vngzm4p2bts-studio-dekorasyon (1).jpeg

Aerien, Associate Creative Director



Bianca, Art Director

Holy nostalgia! This color reminds me of when I was a kid and I would always draw a tree or grass into a picture—even if it was set in a bedroom—just because I believed green made the place look happier. In my memory, I used the exact same color green.

Greenery Doodle.jpeg

Katy Creative, Group Lead

It sort of reminds me of my apartment. (My tropical plants are getting a little out of control.) I feel like it’s on trend, but I’d only use it in small doses, an accent. I think I’m on board.

Eduardo, Creative Director

The color of the year 2017 is alive. It reminds me of nature, flourishing, freshness, constant development...

Sometimes I think specifically about:

CHAMELEONS & CUBAN CAMALEONES/LAGARTIJAS: They are agile and could change colors, always staring at life.

GREEN GRAPES: how they evolve, and grow, and become great wine. They are always welcome at my home.

CARTACUBA: this is an endemic bird from Cuba. It's extremely small and predominantly green.

GROWING SEEDS: the beginning of life, a positive transformation, the birth of a plant.  

CANE FIELD / TOBACCO FIELD: throughout Cuba you used to find cane fields. The tobacco is mostly cultivated in Pinar del Rio, the west extreme of the island.


The color has taken off already with Airbnb creating the first-ever PANTONE inspired home. Complete with sprawling plants and Greenery reminiscent activities to accompany your stay, it looks like a vacation worth booking! The beauty team over at Butter London has also picked up on the look with a Greenery polish so you can go head-to-toe in the look.

Health and nature come to mind when we think of Greenery and that just so happens to be right up our alley. It also seems like a nice coincidence that the color of the year is less than ten shades away from our very own B|G green!