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JCDS aims to attract new families with ad campaign

Posted by Natalie Spindle on Nov 1, 2017 11:46 AM

When you think of sending your child to school, you envision a place that will both nurture and shape the mind of your child. At Jacksonville Country Day School (JCDS), that is exactly what faculty and administrators strive to accomplish.


Brunet-García has contracted with JCDS over the past seven years to communicate the holistic education the school provides to pre-K through sixth grade students. The agency has helped rebrand the school and several programs, developed awareness campaigns, and provided public relations support through the years. To help share its mission to “prepare students for a healthy and productive lifetime of intellectual exploration, character development, and social responsibility,” Brunet-García proposed an advertising campaign this fall to reach the parents of potential new students.

Account Managers Chad Villarroel and Kate Jolley spearheaded the work for JCDS. The duo worked to develop a creative brief with client insight before teaming with Art Director Cassie Deogracia for creative concepting under the guidance of Creative Director Eduardo Sarmiento.

Cassie-JCDS_BGBlogPost.jpgArt Director Cassie Deogracia develops JCDS campaign graphics

Brunet-García worked with Jacksonville-based photographer Kai Chiang of Golden Pixels Photography to conduct a photo shoot and provide art direction.

“I worked closely with the photographer and the principal of JCDS to ensure the students were comfortable in front of the camera,” Deogracia said. “The kids really were a blast to work with.”

JCDS motivates and guides students to achieve their full potential, and this was echoed in the campaign visuals. The work reflects the theme of growth, with the main taglines of “where potential grows” and “where character grows.”

“JCDS emphasizes its dedication to providing a ‘whole child’ education, meaning that children leave their institution prepared for middle school and beyond,” Villarroel said. “This campaign focuses on the growth of the child and all of the ways JCDS works to enrich the lives of students and their families.”

JCDS_Photoshoot.jpgKai Chiang of Golden Pixels Photography on location at JCDS

“It's always fun working with JCDS; they trust us and let us stretch our creative muscle,” Jolley said. “This campaign in particular was exciting because it focused so much on the photography of current students.”

The ads feature children with objects that represent the rich curriculum provided by the school, which has a strong arts program as well as science and traditional academics. The word “GROWS” appears to sprout around the children to draw the eyes upward. Ads will appear at Jacksonville International Airport, within local publications, and in digital form on sites like Jaxmomsblog.com. This is also the first year that JCDS is applying Brunet-García’s campaign work to social media, with specialized designs for Facebook advertising.

JCDS_AirportMockup (1).jpgJCDS ad mockup of display soon to be installed at Jacksonville International Airport

“The campaign showcases the abilities of JCDS in a unique and playful way, which communicates the attention to character-building and personal growth that the school puts into student education,” Deogracia said.

In addition to the diversity of academics and extracurriculars, the visuals celebrate a diverse student body. The campaign also serves to reinforce the school's diverse learning community where all cultures are honored.

“It is a strong point of pride that we have a diverse student population," said Ian Nyquist, JCDS director of marketing and communications. "Our students are well prepared for an increasingly globalized world and leave well-rounded in both their academic and personal lives."