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Lunchathon results: Eat healthier, feel better, and save money

Posted by Denise M. Reagan on Apr 4, 2018 12:45 PM

By the end of the first quarter of 2018, members of the Brunet-García team in three states had brought a total of 549 lunches to work.

The agency challenged all employees to a Lunchathon, a wellness program designed to remedy the tendency to overspend and overeat over the holidays. The more times they brought their lunch to work, the more chances they had to win a $100 restaurant gift card.

Lunchathon Drawing

Susan Moore of Level Office randomly draws a name for the Lunchathon challenge.

Out of 64 possible work days, Account Manager Chad Villarroel brought his lunch 55 times—the most of any member of the team. Food is fuel for Villarroel, who said the only days he missed were when he was out of town.

“For me, food serves a specific purpose. It is all about utility,” Villarroel said. “If I don't eat clean during the week, I feel extremely weak and tired around 3 p.m., which makes going to the gym problematic because going when you're tired can be counterproductive. My caloric input and output have to be in sync. Eating clean also promotes muscle growth and helps me maintain a certain weight/body fat percentage.” 

Account Executive Francie Lefkowitz and Controller Thrude Legg each racked up 52 lunches.

“This is not the first time Brunet-García has held a wellness challenge that has helped me make conscious efforts to live a healthier life,” Lefkowitz said. “Last year's Fitbit challenge helped me prioritize exercising, and this challenge led me to try new foods. It was great: I got to try new things, save money by eating out less, and reduce waste by making sure I ate all the food in my fridge.”

“I saved a small fortune by bringing my lunch almost every day,” Legg said. “I also know I eat much healthier when I bring my lunch. So even though the challenge is over, I am still bringing my lunch every day.”

As part of the Lunchathon, Brunet-García also held potluck lunches on the third Wednesday of each month. Staff members brought items cooked at home or bought at the grocery store to share with the team. The banquets became much-anticipated events that will continue throughout the year because of popular demand.

Each time staff members brought their work to lunch, they were entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card to the restaurant of their choosing. Brunet-García tapped Susan Moore of Level Office to do the honors.

Cassie Deogracia Wins Lunchathon Gift Card

Cassie Deogracia wins a Cowford Chophouse gift card and Lunchathon bragging rights.

Art Director Cassie Deogracia, who brought her lunch 43 times, was the winner. She chose Cowford Chophouse, a beautifully renovated restaurant conveniently located two blocks away.

“The Lunchathon was a great challenge in that it encouraged me to eat healthier and form the habit of bringing my lunch as often as possible,” Deogracia said. “Because of it, I feel a lot better throughout the day and saved a lot of money that I would have spent on eating out. Winning the challenge is exciting and such a great reward for staying committed and dedicated to participating in the challenge.”

The second quarter challenge is Participation Nation, which encourages team members to accomplish a goal of their choosing during the quarter. Stay tuned for more!