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Powerful logo design supports public education initiatives

Posted by Natalie Spindle on Jun 4, 2018 11:14 AM

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Parents and educators play a critical role in developing youth; now there are two new initiatives to shine a spotlight on their efforts. The Jacksonville Public Education Fund (JPEF) is an independent nonprofit organization that connects research with civic voice to achieve high-quality public schools for all children in Duval County. Through its many initiatives, which recognize and empower teachers, JPEF engages communities in championing public education.

Brunet-García’s relationship with JPEF has grown over the past several years, working on brand development, targeted campaigns, and public relations projects to name a few. In 2015, the agency worked with JPEF to introduce ONE by ONE, a movement that aims to decrease Duval County’s high school dropout rate through conversation and community involvement about the school district. The agency also gave a face lift to the EDDY Awards, an annual event to celebrate Duval County's leading teachers.

When the organization looked to launch two new campaigns, they again tapped the agency for name and logo development. Senior Account Manager Kate Jolley led client discovery and management, while Art Director Bianca Borghi worked under the direction of Creative Director Eduardo Sarmiento on design. The Brunet-García team established two distinct personas for the initiatives, which honor teachers and encourage parental involvement in Duval County Public Schools. Using logo design techniques along with color and font that complement the essence of the brand, Borghi gave an identity to these important public education initiatives.

Parents Who Lead

Parents Who Lead is an initiative that encourages participants to become advocates for all children. The program is a local extension of the larger National Parent Leadership Institute and its overall goal to increase the civic skills and impact of diverse parents to improve child and community outcomes. JPEF, in partnership with other local organizations, will use the curriculum provided by the Institute to train a group of parent and caregivers from around the district. The 20-week course and civic practice offers information on how change occurs in states and neighborhoods to improve child outcomes. The idea is that parents and caregivers will become better informed advocates for improving the lives of all children and share new learning with their social groups to spread the word.

JPEF Initiatives-Blog3A visual representation of the potential networking effect of "Parents Who Lead."

Borghi sought to design a logo that encompasses the nurturing, caregiver spirit that all engaged parents possess. Parent and child are intertwined with the parent/caregiver figure leading the offspring in a forward, upward movement, representing growth and progression.

“This empowering upward motion highlights the feeling that families gain through engagement with their children at school,” Borghi said.

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The two figures appear to mold together as the colors and lines blend at intersections – illustrating unity and connectedness. The circular movement of their bodies symbolizes a continuous loop of leadership between caregivers and children, who are the caregivers of the future.

“We wanted to demonstrate the cyclical nature of strong parental involvement through the shape of this mark,” Borghi said. “Through the use of color and blending techniques, we represent how parents and children influence each other through this connection.”

Teachers Are More

img_6667                 Springfield residents gather to kickoff the "Teachers Are More" initiative.

In Duval County, 40 to 50 percent of the teachers in the district leave the teaching profession within the first seven years of their careers. Launched at the 2018 JPEF EDDY Awards, the Teachers Are More initiative calls attention to the significant role Duval County public school teachers play each day. It is also a reminder to the public to recognize and thank teachers for their commitment to children and the community. Our teachers are more than instructional experts. They go above and beyond the call of duty as friends, mentors, support systems, and caretakers who shape young lives.

JPEF Initiatives-Blog

This mark is heavily rooted in the JPEF brand. The main element in this logo, the “O” in MORE, is taken from the supporting circular device present in many of JPEFs collateral pieces. Brunet-García incorporated the tagline in the thought process behind the logo development.

“The circle in the Teachers Are More logo symbolizes the infinite possibilities the initiative can bring to the community, showing that the ‘possibilities’ come full circle and become possible,” Borghi said.

Emphasis on the word “more” articulates the need for greater advocacy, encouragement and appreciation for teachers in Jacksonville. The logo is flexible; type can shift and rotate, and the “O” can expand to any proportion to emphasize a larger need for “more” advocacy.

“We wanted the logo to demonstrate the true nature of educators,” Jolley said. “Teachers are seed planters, cheerleaders, coaches—they are so much more.”

In collateral, the circle can become a frame, highlighting the teacher in an image and keep the focus on the individuals who are turning the “Possibilities into Possible.”