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Top Creatives Launch Castaño Group, a National "Content Exploration Lab"

Posted by Diane Brunet-Garcia on Jul 14, 2016 11:00 AM

Internationally acclaimed creative leaders – writer and producer Joash Brunet and artist and designer Kedgar Volta – announced today they have launched Castaño Group, a new content production company specializing in immersive, interactive and multicultural audience experiences in a variety of broadcast, digital and physical formats.

For the past seven years, Brunet and Volta have created award-winning creative work at Brunet-García Advertising as members of a creative team garnering over 130 ADDY Awards since 2006. Brunet is an Emmy Award-winning producer and writer whose work has been featured on PBS. Volta is an internationally recognized artist and designer whose work has been featured at the prestigious “State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now” exhibit and in countless publications.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and co-located with national communications firm Brunet-García Advertising, Castaño Group will work with nonprofit, private and public clients to bring its principals’ expertise and background in art, design, production and storytelling to a wide variety of delivery formats.

“We will offer clients what we refer to as ‘custom curated content,’ which is content relevant on its own terms, and emotionally compelling, but which falls within the scope of our clients’ needs and sustains engagement over time,” said Brunet, co-founder, Castaño Group. “I’m especially excited about what we are going to be able to bring to the table in terms of a tactile, interactive experience for our clients and the public. Kedgar’s reputation in the areas of interactive experiential design, video mapping and video projection speaks for itself.”

Castaño Group was created, in part, as an alternative to traditional advertising and marketing business models. “The word ‘creative’ has become somewhat diluted in meaning,” said Volta, co-founder, Castaño Group. “Audiences of tomorrow are looking for work that allows them to connect with insight, emotion, narrative and intellect in a resonant way. It sounds ambitious, but we really want to obliterate the line between advertising and art and deliver full-on experiences to our clients and the public. We are excited for the opportunity to share work with clients across the entire spectrum — from physical installation to digital storytelling. We plan on utilizing the breadth of our services and insights to encourage discovery and help tell better stories.” 

Castaño Group and Brunet-García Advertising will maintain an ongoing collaborative relationship as they continue to generate creative projects to fulfill Brunet-García’s mission of inspiring meaningful social change. Castaño Group will work with each of its customers to help expand brand narratives in exciting new directions. For more information about Castaño Group, email info@castanogroup.com or call (904) 607-5522.

About Castaño Group:

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Castaño Group, Inc., provides immersive, interactive, and multicultural audience experiences in a variety of physical, digital, and broadcast formats. Castaño Group’s campaign and a la carte creative offerings not only further client and brand narratives, they take them in memorable and exciting new directions. Castanogroup.com is coming soon.